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Protection of Personal Data

Our worthy Customer,

We’d like to inform you, under the context of the Law on the Protection of the Personal Data. In accordance with the Law with number 6698 on the Protection of the Personal Data (KVK Law), your personal data including the ones that enable your identification or identify you including your sensitive personal data, can be processed by UYSAL TUR. İNŞ. SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. ALAIYE HOTELS (“Company”) as the data manager. Processing the personal data refers to acquiring, saving, storing, keeping, changing, reorganizing, explaining, transferring, classifying  or preventing to be used and all kinds of operations performed through such data. Protection of your personal data is vital for us. We’d like to notify you that we will take all necessary precautions about this issue and will continue to be very transparent.


The Purposes of the Processing of the Personal Data.

Your personal data that has been collected can be processed (such as; your name and surname, occupation, telephone, e-mail address, birth date, room number, identity information, vehicle plate, invoice information) while performing such services; reservation, data processing, advertising, execution of work processes, marketing, presentation, promotion, customer satisfaction research, customer relationship management, the procurement of the physical place security, notification to relevant authorized public institutions (such as Gendarme) and to provide better service for you.


The Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your data is processed and securely kept with the purposes stated above. Your processed data which are processed under the scope of the explained purposes, can be transferred domestically or to abroad within the personal data processing conditions and goals described in the 8th and 9th clauses of KVK Law and in accordance with the basic principles as stipulated in KVK law, within the framework of the legal grounding and your consent and within the scope of data processing purposes described above; to public institutions with the notification obligation and to banks because of the legislation and as the pursuance of the agreement, to hospitals and health institutions to fulfill the job health and security obligations and for the emergency medical interventions.  

The Method of the Collection of your Data

While your personal data can change according to the services procured by and the commercial activities of our Company; it can be collected with the following automatic or non-automatic instruments orally, in written form or electronically as well; all residential documents, application forms and miscellaneous documents that are organized with your approval and/or signature, the departments and units of our Company, internet web site of our Company and its social media platforms, mobile applications and similar other instruments. Besides, your personal data can be processed when you use our call center or internet web-site to utilize our Company services, when you visit our Company or our internet web-site, when you attend the seminars and organizations that our Company arranges.


Your rights as stated in KVK Law Article 11.


When you convey your requests to our Company regarding your rights as the owner of the personal data with the methods arranged below hereby in this Disclosure Text, our Company will conclude the request in the soonest possible time not more than 30 days without any charge. However, in case there would be a fee stipulated regarding your request, the fee according to the Price List of our Company will be deducted from you.

In this respect, you have the following rights regarding your data: a) To know whether your personal data is processed or not, b) Request information regarding your personal data if they have been processed, c) To know with which purpose the data are processed and whether they are being used for this purpose, ç) To know the thirds persons that the personal data is transferred domestically and abroad, d) In case the personal data are processed wrongly or incomplete, you can request their correction, and ask for the notification of this operation to the third persons, e) When the data is processed according to KVK law and the related provisions appropriately, however the purposes are no more valid, then requesting the removal of the data or their deletion, and ask for the notification of this operation to the third persons f) Objecting to a result against the person’s self, occurring by the analysis of the processed data through automatic systems solely, g) to request the indemnification of the burden in case a loss is present as a result of the processing of the personal data against the law.       



The Methods of Information Request for the Relevant Person

You should convey your claims to our Company as the relevant person. Under this framework, for the healthy and quick administration of your applications in the context of KVK Law Article 11, we suggest you to use the ‘Relevant Person Information Request Application Form’ document under the Protection of the Personal Data heading in our web-site and to send the required documents/information according to your request and the required documents identifying yourself by the registered mail or manually by yourself. Besides, you can e-mail the Relevant Person Information Request Form to with secured signature or you can convey your request to us as online user (with your previous e-mail you’ve sent to our Company as stored in our system) through For more detailed information, you can go over the Relevant Person Information Request Form under the heading of the Protection of the Personal Data.

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Our warning regarding the policy changes

In case the content of this policy changes or updates take place, we will put these on our web-sites in order to provide transparency to our users and to inform our users about how we collect the data and for what purposes we use them. online deneyiminizi geliştirerek sizlere daha iyi hizmet sunabilmek için çerez kullanır. Sitemizi ziyaret ederek çerez kullanımına onay vermiş kabul edilirsiniz. Çerezler hakkında daha detaylı bilgi almak ve çerez tercihlerinizi nasıl detaytları öğrenmek için ALAIYE HOTELS Gizlilik Sözleşmesi'ni inceleyebilirsiniz.