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Standard Rooms

With it's unique Mediterranean experience which makes you feel special, your each stay in Alaiye Resort & SPA Hotel will now become a passion for you.

Standard Connecting Room

A peaceful holiday experience awaits you with our Connecting Standard Rooms, where you will enjoy being together with your family and friends in this special place where you will spend every moment to the fullest.

Disabled Standard Room

We have specially designed comfortable and cozy rooms for our disabled guests. As Alaiye Resort & Spa Hotel, we have thought of all the special points for you. Your sole focus in your unforgettable holiday experience will be your unique Mediterranean experience.

Family Room

Get ready to witness a peaceful and enjoyable holiday with your family on the balcony of your room, with the vegetation of the Mediterranean in dozens of shades of green, in our Alaiye Resort & SPA Hotel Family Room.

King Suite Room

Luxury and comfort await you in our King Suite Room located in Alaiye Resort & SPA Hotel with the deep blues of the Mediterranean Sea and the shimmer of the sun.

Selective Suite Room

Enjoy your unforgettable Mediterranean holiday in our Selective Suite Room, which is specially designed for you and where your dreams come true.

Junior Suite Room

You will experience the joy of being on vacation while gazing at the greenery of the Mediterranean and its endless blue from your balcony in our Junior Suite Rooms at Alaiye Resort & SPA Hotel.

Honeymoon Suite Room

Are you ready to experience an unforgettable fairy tale in your new beginning? Enjoy every minute you spend together; we've thought of and designed everything you need in our Honeymoon Suite Room for you.